New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation 13D Master Healer

This class is currently unscheduled.

Call or e-mail your interest. Classes are scheduled as need arises.

  •  4 days /// 2 full weekends 9a-5p —- Nov 8 & 9 and Nov 22 & 23, 2013
  • We will have  working snack and lunch breaks (please bring your own lunch)
  • Prerequisites: all who are interested are eligable-call with questions
  • This a Certificate Class
  • Energy Exchange: $495    Retake class is $145  and includes updated manual

NEW Paradigm – Multi-Dimensional Transformation —

                        is a Transformational  System based on Love without Conditions

In the 13 D New Paradigm MDT Intensive you will be initiated into the 13 Dimensions, and opened to more dimensions as they come into being. The idea of the 13D Healer Playshop is self empowerment through love. The focus is on healing the self, clearing away the fear. New Paradigm MDT is Freedom – the true meaning of Freedom is freedom from fear.

Course content: ongoing and evolving – Each class is its own unique experience

  • 13 Dimensions Activations (clears 13 dimensions in time and space)
  • DNA Activations and Clearances
  • DNA Reprogramming
  • DNA and its limitations to consciousness
  • Chakra clearings
  • Antahkarana activation
  • Lightbody activation,clearance and integration
  • Integration of personal mastery
  • Grounding
  • Healing practice
  • Daily Energetic Hygiene
  • Feedback
  • Use it or lose it
  • New Paradigm MDT Foundation, Association
  • School of Esoteric Sciences (the British Complementary Medical Association accepts                     New Paradigm MDT, and its training)
  • Back up and support

Experiencing these meditations and activations will truly facilitate your stepping into your own mastery.

Download a registration form (PDF)

From Students:

All comments using the name Shamballa were before the awesome name change to New Paradigm- Multi-Dimensional Transformation. 9/1/12

My name is Julie and I have recently completed the (Shamballa 13D class)  newly named :New Paradigm MDT. What a truly wonderful enlightening experience. From the moment I decided to take the class the anticipation was building. My experience was not only enlightening but almost surreal. I was amazed from the time I walked through the door. Our teacher Peggy Woodcock is very knowledgeable about all aspects of light work and understanding people’s needs. There was structure, fun, food, and time for sharing with new found friends. If anyone is considering getting in touch with your inner self Peggy is a wonderful teacher. I have taken many classes, but none where I have made a personal connection with my teacher. I would highly recommend to anyone who asked who was the best teacher I have ever had, Peggy would be #1, a kind and gentle soul full of compassion, understanding, and enlightenment. The most awesome experience of my life to date. Thank you Peggy!
~Julie S. Arundel, Maine – March, 2012

Hi Everyone of our Shamballa group!!  (Now New Paradigm MTD)
I want to thank everyone for being part of this journey and great adventure!!! I woke up and said Shamballa On !! And the day unfolded so beautifully ..went and saw a RV owner in the morning, it all gave me that reassurance that I am on the right path. Although his Rv was a heap of junk and not going to be my new “Shamballa  ON Mobile” the experience reminded me that when i was young my Dad wanted me to travel the US preaching to people. Making the connection really made me laugh and how I have come full circle now.. I really feel a distinct healing in my heart something way over due. And I am so very thankful for this experience Peggy, ty for for being such a great teacher for St. Germain you are such a bright light and keeper of the flame, Annie ty for spending so much time talking to me and giving me that Angel Hug….I had pleaded with the Angels that morning to please have someone just give me a hug and tell me everything will be alright…and they did…and I am good and things will be OK and thank you everyone else for being such bright lights and seeking your truth!!!! We are all connected.
Tricia P. Limerick, Maine – March, 2012