New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation: Basic Master TEACHER Class

This class is currently unscheduled.

Call or e-mail your interest. Classes are scheduled as need arises.

Coming Into Your Mastery

  • 24 hrs of class time ( meals will be working lunches– Fri. Sat & Sun. 9a-5p )
  • This is a certificate class
  • What is self-mastery?
  • Beautiful Meditations and Activations bring you deeper into this expansive loving energy of New Paradigm MDT
  • Fear and illusion and holding your center
  • Standing in your Power
  • Creating a vortex
  • Clearing, and giving activations
  • Healing, Creativity, Channeling
  • Ascension, and being here now
  • Responsibility to students as a Master Teacher
  • Preparing a class, official certificates

You are the violet tribe.

  • What is your place?
  • Why did you incarnate now???
  • St Germain and Hari Baba bring you into this expansive energy, NP-MDT is always evolving.

Because the time is right for change, and the consciousness of the beings of this planet are ready now for this energy. (St. Germain)

  • All certificates are numbered and registered with the New Paradigm MDT Foundation, and the School of Esoteric sciences
  • Energy Exchange: $395 (includes  deposit of $75 – ASAP mail to
  •  TO REGISTER:  Call Peggy Woodcock 207 318 2184 or email or Stephanie Hewitt 207 756-4188
  • Bring own lunch/  tea water and light snacks provided