Reiki Two - 1 Day Certificate Course

9-3 pm

Stephanie Hewitt
62 Portland Rd, Suite 42
Kennebunk, Maine 04043
207 756-4188

  • This is a 1 Day Certificate course
  •  July 8, 2017
  • Time: 10a-4p (bring lunch)
  • Energy Exchange: $395 ($450 for private class))

This Reiki Two training will greatly increase your energy knowledge, and your ability to channel transformational energy.

NOTE: Reiki One is a pre-requisite. Training from another Reiki Master is acceptable.

  • Learn, Practice, experience, understand and apply the First Three Magical Reiki Symbols – which open and connect you to higher levels of spiritual energy.
  • Distance Healing becomes a reality as you increase your intuitive powers while sending healing energy through time and space.
  • Your Reiki Two attunement will greatly assist you in releasing old emotional blocks, making room to pull in love and compassion for all, especially YOURSELF.
  • Your ability to carry channel healing energy is “squared” from Reiki One training that is: your channeling energy is enhanced by 4x as much as Reiki One.
  • Introduction to reflexology, crystal healing, herbs, oils and pendulum/divination tools.

Stephanie Hewitt will be teaching this class: (207) 756-4188

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