Essential Oils - Educational Classes

Monday, September 12, 6:30 62 Portland Rd. Kennebunk, Maine

We will be discussing how to enjoy financial freedom by sharing Young Living Oils!!

Plus, how using Essential Oils can greatly benefit your children in school and how to stay healthy during the busy holiday season.

This event is free!  Call 207-756-4188 to hold your spot!

HypnoBirthing Practitioner Certification Course

Call Peggy for information 207-318-2184

New Paradigm- Multi-Dimensional Transformation 13D Upgrade

13D Upgrade

Peggy Woodcock is a 13D Master Teacher  and 13D Upgrade Teacher of Shamballa MTD now know as “New Paradigm – Multi-Dimensional  Transformation”.  Just as the name has changed and becomes a representative of higher vibrations, so will your energy systems evolve into the new Paradigm of transformation — moving into the 5th dimension……..
Peggy will facilitate up to 14 new activations during this two-day workshop. These multi-dimensional activations will assist in the expansion of awareness and in the ascension (or rise in frequency) of your energy bodies.

Activations to the following energies will be included in the 13D  Upgrade:
–Platinum Ray, carrying the Divine Goddess or Divine Feminine energies;
–Microtronic energies—the frequencies of the next, higher octave universe;
–Melchizedek Alpha and Omega Priesthood, initiating you into the priesthood;
–the Krishna/Radha energies, representing the balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies;
–the Shiva/Shakti energies, carrying the frequencies of “pure consciousness” and the “power of consciousness”.
–An additional 9 activations potentially will be given beyond the five mentioned above. 
The total number of activations will depend on the receptivity of the participants and Peggy’s guidance during the 13D Upgrade.
Please bring lunch items to share.
We will eat together to continue to hold the energy.

This is a certification class- through:
The School of Esoteric Sciences and approved by the British Complementary Medical Association Association (BCMA)