Frank D. French

Frank D. French is a Reiki Partners Associate, a Reiki Master Teacher, a New Paradigm – Multidimensional Transformation Practitioner, and comes to Reiki Partners with many years of experience as an auctioneer, and with the multifaceted experience of having owned and run a very successful printing company.

Frank is a “people person”, and has much experience in feeling people’s needs and making himself available to assist in others in balancing their own energy. Frank is a master at creating a safe place and heartfelt atmosphere, where others have the opportunity to heal. He feels energy at a higher vibrational level then most, and has a special skill of bringing in balance by a unique manifestation and anchoring of light. His body scan and healing sessions go beyond what most have experienced before. His special skills include balancing and releasing debilitation of migraine headaches.

Frank sees clients in the Concord, NH area and can be reached on his cell phone 603 566-4593.