In my practice, I commonly use hypnosis to help my clients with:

  • Weight loss, smoking cessation
  • Stress reduction, relaxation, sleep
  • Medical problems, diseases, chronic pain
  • Anxiety, depression, phobias, habit releasing, addictions
  • Reaching goals; creativity enhancement
  • Studying and learning assistance
  • Athletic achievement, exercise
  • Improving skills (golf, sports etc.)
  • Management, business, career
  • Death, dying, pregnancy loss, grieving
  • Managing worry, pain, and recovery associated with medical and dental procedure

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis:

What is Hypnosis and How Does it Work?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of awareness in which a person is more inclined to accept outside suggestions. The hypnotic state heightens memory and perceptions and can act as a catalyst toward rapid healing and enhanced creativity. The hypnotic state automatically occurs whenever a person becomes deeply relaxed or highly focused. A professional hypnotherapist can prompt and regulate the hypnotic state and help facilitate desired changes through the use of properly worded hypnotic suggestions.

Can Anyone Become Hypnotized?

Anyone who wants to become hypnotized can become hypnotized. It is a very natural reaction. Hypnosis can occur when a person “spaces out” while driving a car, reading a book, or watching a movie.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

Most hypnosis clients describe the state as extremely pleasant, deeply relaxing, and euphoric. The most common feelings include the following: deep relaxation; a slight tingly or numb feeling; a feeling of heaviness or a sensation of floating; slight body twitches; eye fluttering; and a noticeable change in breathing. Generally speaking, the client hears and remembers 50-100% of what is said during a session, and is very much aware of both his own body and breathing, and of the temperature and sounds in the room.

Most people (90%) are actually more aware (not less aware) when hypnotized. Approximately 10% of the public go so deeply into hypnosis that they have no memory of the session. Most clients can hear and remember most of the hypnotic experience.

Common Fallacies of Hypnosis:

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not sleep or a state of unconsciousness. While hypnotized the client generally hears and remembers much of what is being said. The person is not out-of-control during sessions and can freely choose to disregard any suggestions.  Hypnosis makes a person more inclined to do things he WANTS to do, but never makes a person behave against his own belief systems or his own will.

What Happens If I Stay In Hypnosis?

Don’t worry! You will come out of hypnosis as instructed, or at your own choice. Just open your eyes or sit up. The hypnotic state automatically terminates in response to the client’s needs and desires – even and especially during self hypnosis.

How Many Sessions Do I Need and What Will It Cost?

The number of sessions needed will depend upon the client’s motivation and the type of therapy being sought. In many cases only one session is necessary. It is recommended that each client call for a free telephone consultation to determine the approximate number of sessions and cost. Once the client and hypnotherapist go over the information together  they can decide if hypnotherapy is the best therapy choice. If hypnotherapy appears to be warranted, the hypnotherapist will then suggest a certain number of sessions. Insurance often pays for hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, weight loss, or anxiety. You will receive the appropriate forms to send to your insurance company on request.

Is a Deep State of Hypnosis Necessary for the Hypnosis to Work?

Absolutely not! In many cases, a light state of hypnosis is just as effective as a deep state. In behavior modification, a light state of hypnosis can actually work better because the client can consciously remember the suggestions given.

Does Hypnosis really work?

Yes, and it is one of the most pleasant and natural therapies available! It puts you in charge of your own mind and outcome, and guides you to relax in all areas of your life.


Peggy, been meaning to e-mail and let  you know what an impact you are still making in my life. Though I only had 2 hypnotherapy sessions with you prior to my move with kids an cat to Florida last early summer, I still use your cd several times a week to help with sleep, focus, and myself. You are a wonderful woman and practitioner for sure.We are overall, quite well, there’s been challenges, of course, but spirit guided. So, many thanks and heaps of blessings on your beautiful head! May your work continue to be of good, strong service, and your life be filled with joy.


” After smoking for 30 years, I was a bit hesitant. On my first visit, in a cautious tone, I mentioned to Ms. Hewitt, I’m here with an open mind.
Who would have thought after my third visit I walked out as a Non-Smoker! “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Douglas P. Westbrook, Me.