HypnoBirthing®, the Marie Mongan Method, affiliated with the HypnoBirthing Institute,teaches techniques for safe and more comfortable birthing through guided imagery, visualization and special breathing. The course consists of five ~ 2 and 1/2 hour classes. I offer group classes and private classes for couples (spouse, significant other, sister, mother, etc. that is: client plus one support person.)

What You Will Learn


  • Relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to eliminate the fear and tension that cause long labor and pain, replacing it with confidence, calm and comfort
  • Other techniques to produce a shorter, more comfortable labor
  • The creation and control of the body’s own natural anesthesia
  • The source of the myth that pain must accompany normal birthing
  • Why woman in other cultures have births almost entirely free of discomfort
  • How the mother’s body is designed to work in neuro-muscular and hormonal harmony with nature throughout labor
  • Practice deep relaxation during and between surges
  • The importance of prenatal and perinatal bonding

The HypnoBirthing® Advantage

  • Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome before, during and after birthing
  • Eliminates or greatly reduces the need for chemical painkillers
  • Eliminates fatigue during labor, leaving mother fresh, awake and with energy for actual birthing
  • Eliminates risk of hyperventilation from “shallow” breathing methods
  • Promotes special bonding of mother, baby and birthing companion
  • More rapid postnatal recovery
  • Returns birthing to the beautiful, peaceful experience nature intended
  • Creates a more integral role for the birthing companion

Sign up any time after 20 weeks gestation, using your new knowledge throughout the remainder of pregnancy and through birthing.

What Parents are Saying

“The labor and delivery went very smoothly. I was able to use the HypnoBirthing®  breathing the whole laboring time. Greg continuously read excerpts of mediation which kept me focused, and he helped me with “light touch massage”. Music which we had downloaded kept me focused on my breathing and imagery. It was intense and wonderful. It progressed rapidly, we arrived at the hosp at 7pm and Noah was born at 10:30pm. I think I started chanting at one point as I got closer to pushing.
“Peggy I love your energy, and you were truly the person to get me through some of my stuck places. Thank you so much for that gift.”
-Denise and Greg, Kennebunk, Maine, September 2007

“How could I believe when I had gone through, not one but two long excruciating labors?  I was petrified. Then I found HypnoBirthing®, the Marie Mongan Method. This birth took four and a half hours. I was relaxed and comfortable all the way. It was wonderful.”

“I kept telling myself all I would feel is pressure–and it works. That’s all I did feel. What a difference from my first labor.”

“I read of the advantages of self-hypnosis and relaxation in a magazine and set out to find a program that could teach me the method.  I’m so happy I found HypnoBirthing®. This was our first baby, and my active labor was only three hours from start to end. We were thrilled.”

“Hello Peggy  So… The birth went great! Thank you so much for the HypnoBirthing® classes. I went in for an ultrasound the day before my due date and they decided my water was quite low and they wanted to induce me. So as much as I wanted to stay away from the Pitocin, I wanted to make sure she was okay. I had also been intuitively feeling like she wanted out of there. They induced me and I delievered less than 3 hours later. Thank god for the HypnoBirthing® breathing, because it was very hard and fast. The first hour was pretty easy, I  just kept up with my breathing. Then it sped up fast. The transistional stage was very tough, I wasn’t sure I would get through it, it was getting so intense and I was so uncomfortable. I went from 3 centimeters to 8 centimeters in 10 minutes. This was where the breathing really saved me! The team of doctors was amazing, couldn’t have asked for a better crew! The midwife who delivered didn’t like to do episiotomies, so we were on the same page there. She allowed the babies head to come out slowly as she stretched my perineal tissues. She also allowed Bri (my 12 year old daughter) to help deliver. Brianna had surgical gear and gloves on. She was instructed to hold the babies head as she eased out the shoulders. It was beautiful. Only about 5 minutes of actual pushing. The delivery team was amazed, they said it was one of the best deliveries they had ever witnessed. They were very impressed with how I breathed the baby down. I breathed great for most of it. Towards the end I asked for an oxygen mask because I could feel my hands and face going numb, and I had to hold my breath and push for the last few minutes, but otherwise I breathed through the whole thing and it went very well. She was 6 pounds 10 ounces and 19 inches long. I have pics and video to send you, Thanks so much again.  Joni  /  Farmingdale, Maine- May 2011

“Thank you so much for our educational and enlightening HypnoBirthing Course!  Mike and I feel very fortunate to have found you, and really feel this is the start to a wonderful friendship and more holistic living mentality for us.  You have given us both the knowledge and confidence to believe in ourselves and trust what nature has provided us.  We are looking forward to sharing everything with our new little one soon!” Carrie and Mike/ Cape Elizabeth, Maine~~ December 2016


Group classes are limited to 5 couple,  2 couples or more constitute a group .

  • 5 classes / 2.5 hrs each, usually a week apart
  • Cost is $375 each for 2 or more couples.
  • one couple can host at their home for other couples

Private Classes

  • I teach private classes for couples
  • or at YOUR home (Greater Portland/ or Southern Maine area)
  • Cost is $485

Contact Peggy for more information on HypnoBirthing (R)

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally induced state of relaxed concentration–a state of mind and body in which we communicate suggestions to our subconscious mind. This part of our mind influences what we think, how we feel, and the choices we make. It can actually control pain. There is no magic to achieving success with self-hypnosis. Almost anyone who chooses to can reach deep relaxation and redirected focus. When having your baby with HypnoBirthing®,  (the Marie Mongan Method) what you will experience is similar to the daydreaming or focusing that occurs when you are engrossed in a book or staring at a fire. You will be conversant and in good spirits–totally relaxed, but fully in control. You will be aware of your body’s  surges (contractions),  but will be able to determine the extent to which you feel the surge. You will experience your birthing in an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, without fear and tension that cause pain. Your body’s natural anesthesia (endorphines) will replace the stress hormones that create pain. When it’s time for your baby to be born you will be fully awake and involved.