Panic & Anxiety

Hypnosis can alleviate anxiety and panic attacks

When one experiences panic, it can be very frightening. The symptoms of panic often mimic a heart attack, e.g… shortness of breath, chest pain, rapid pulse nausea, sweating, and feelings of doom or thoughts of death. Most panic attacks start without warning, and seem to come out of nowhere, with no logical reason for the attack.

What Causes Panic?

The symptoms one experiences in a panic attack are actually a natural occurrence in the body called the "fight or flight" or "stress" response. This response is the body’s reaction to a perceived threat. It actually helps the body react quickly, and is a mode for survival. The response is deeply programmed in the physiology of the body, and triggered by both the conscious and subconscious. In panic the mind sends the "wrong message" of threat and the body responds .

The Powerful Subconscious

The subconscious mind holds our memories and beliefs, our imagination, and the ability to day dream. It has the power to govern how we act, feel, and think…creating our behavioral habits. The odd thing is that it has no mechanism to distinguish real from unreal. The mind can get the wrong message of perceived threat from a variety of sources. (A memory of a past traumatic event- e.g… car accident,; sudden life changes,- divorce, death, change of home or job; a high stress job e.g., policeman, ER nurse); perhaps you are a worrier, and have taught your mind to be fearful; also the wrong message may come from your environment- others people’s worries! Hypnosis releases the "wrong" message.

Attain Freedom from Panic

  • Learn relaxation response
  • Experience deep stress relief
  • Release the "wrong" message
  • Live your life fully again- free from panic