Pre-Surgical Relaxation

Patients who go to the hospital feeling relaxed, optimistic, and in control are likely to feel better and recover faster than those who feel anxious and vulnerable. Being able to relax as much as possible during your hospital stay is important for two reasons. First, it will reduce your anxiety. Second, it will reduce your experience of pain. Anxiety causes tension, and tension increases pain.

A Program to Reduce Anxiety & Promote Rapid Healing

You can learn to relax, reduce anxiety associated with a surgical procedure, and work with your body in the healing process for rapid recovery. The program includes 3 easy techniques to reduce stress and pre-surgery anxiety:

  • Learn hypno-anesthesia for pain management
  • Listen to positive healing tapes instructing the body to heal
  • 3 – 1 hour sessions using medical hypnosis, guided imagery & positive healing affirmations.

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Preparation Pays Off

Imagine preparing for a big athletic race without knowing the course, or having successful strategies in mind. Research shows that 80% of patients using pre-surgery relaxation programs showed significant benefits:

  • Quicker recovery and fewer complications
  • Less post surgical pain and less need for medications
  • Less anxiety and less post surgical depression
  • Most spent 1.5 days less in the hospital and returned to work sooner than the patients that did not use pre-surgery preparation
  • During surgery they lost less blood, and their vital signs remained stable (blood pressure pulse and respiration)

The Role of Hypnosis in Healing

Modern Medical Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that you can use to benefit your health. Hypnosis is the mind-body connection. The relaxing state of medical hypnosis, using guided imagery, and positive suggestions for healing, is beneficial in the recovery process. You can instruct your body to heal; research shows that giving specific instructions for healing to your body encourages quicker physical recovery. Hypnosis and its wide variety of medical uses is rapidly emerging as a highly effective tool that compliments traditional medical treatment. It is medically risk- free, cost effective, simple to do, and benefits all ages, male and female.

Your health insurance may cover pre-surgery instructional relaxation.