Weight Loss

You CAN change the way you think about food and the subconscious reasons why you eat!

  • Stop stress and emotional binge eating
  • Stop snacking when you’re not hungry
  • Drink water (and like the taste)
  • Stick to a specific healthy eating plan
  • Exercise and become more active

How Hypnosis can help you lose weight

healthy_foodsDuring hypnosis, your body and mind respond to your thoughts, mental images, and suggestions. Hypnosis taps into the powerful subconscious which has the ability to govern how you act, feel and think, and can create or change  habits. Positive hypnotic suggestions such as:

  • exercise
  • eat healthy
  • stick to the plan

are "taken in" as truth, facilitating wanted changes. Learning to use this mind-body connection technique, and working with your body’s functions can help you lose weight permanently.

The Mind-Body Weight Loss System

  • 1.5 hour initial appointment
  • 3 1 hour appointments
  • 4 Hypnosis Sessions with reinforcement CDs
  • Food Plan
  • Free introductory CD with scheduled appointment

The Mind Body Weight Loss System consists of modern hypnotherapy, audio reinforcement recordings, and a food plan (endorsed by medical professionals). The balanced food plan enhances proper digestion, balances blood sugars levels to reduce sugar cravings, reduces stress and stress hormones, and promotes consistent, permanent weight loss. The food plan is reinforced with modern hypnosis, healthy eating habits, and exercise, so you have the self discipline to stay with the plan. My clients can’t believe how easy and flexible this natural life style change is. It is NOT deprivation -It is Health!!!!

Eating Plan Reinforcement

Hypnosis can reinforce any healthy eating plan so that you can easily stick to the specific plan of your choice. (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, your doctor’s recommended diet). Most people simply stop eating specific troublesome (often junk) foods, and reduce portions after the very 1st session. You CAN lose the weight & keep it off with this program!