Welcome to our energy website

All are honored here. We believe that each individual has his/her unique journey, mission, and reason for being in human form. We are all divine sparks of the creator/source. Each of us struggles to find peace, joy, balance and harmony. Our purpose is to assist our clients in finding healthy, appropriate modes through which healing of body, mind and spirit can take place.

Our Mission in Energy Healing is:

  • to facilitate stress-reduction and energy balancing.
  • to empower each client so that he/she may feel, think, and act in ways that are harmonious with his/her spirit.
  • to offer suggestions, possibilities and modes for change, growth, healing.
  • to provide a safe, comfortable, confidential environment in which to work.
  • to acknowledge and encourage each person’s need to grow, heal, and move forward in his/her unique fashion.

We invite you to explore our offerings of hypnosis, and  energy healing treatments and join us in some dynamic classes and workshops.