New Paradigm MDT

What is the New Paradigm of  Multi-Dimensional Transformation

The Central core of The New Paradigm of Multi-Dimensional Transformation is LOVE – Love and Freedom. It makes possible love of oneself, and an innate knowingness of one’s connection with Mother/Father God/Goddess, and all of creation. New Paradigm- MDT offers freedom from all obstacles to that knowingness, freedom to know who you are, and freedom to step into your Power and Mastery. shamballaAt the core of New Paradigm- MDT we find the Mahatma energy of Unconditional Love straight from Source. It is the collective consciousness of the Ascended and Galactic Masters. This resonance is now available to us as we open the crystalline energy matrices within our energy fields. The “Diamond frequency” of the Multidimensional Transformation”is a highly-refined and extremely transformational frequency; it is a very powerful healing and transformational energy.  Shamballa is the natural outgrowth of Reiki for those who are not afraid of the New Paradigm change,  and for those who wish to grow, evolve and expand their consciousness.  INew Paradigm MDT opens up channels to carry the highest vibration of Love & Light available on the planet. Why limit yourself to the energy of a few symbols when 352 and more are available to you, when you say, “Shamballa On.”  Website is

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Healing, Empowerment, Transformation through New Paradigm MDT

New Paradigm MDT  healing is a bio-energy treatment designed to expand our awareness beyond our habitual state of mind and into our fully conscious self. The journey of healing is one of spiritual self-discovery and empowerment. Through these treatments you are helped  to release old ways of thinking and being, which no longer serve you and your highest good. This will free you to be your own authentic true self and live in ways which resonate and are congruent with your heart. Through New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Transformation we open to the reality of our birth right: unconditional love. Transformation takes place as we connect to our divine self. Vibrational shifts ripple out to every aspect of life and lead to the spontaneous fulfillment of our deepest desires. The resulting Love, Freedom and Empowerment reverberate beyond the individual, into Mother Earth and out to the Universe. As the energy moves, consciousness moves as well. Let us use this energy to allow the magic to flow, and to work. You are the God/Goddess of creation.

New Paradigm – Multidimensional Transformation Classes

All certificates are numbered and registered  with the New Paradigm MDT- School of Esoteric Sciences F.

Master Healer Class

  • Two 8 hr. days.
  • Certificate class, no prerequisite. Anyone who feels called can attend.
  • Includes beautiful guided meditations + activations to clear old karma, and emotional patterns. Initiations into the Diamond Light of New Paradigm -MDT. Exercises in feeling and moving energy in your body.
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Master Healer TEACHER class

  • Three 8 hr days
  • Certificate class: (prerequisite of Master Healer cert. or 13D certificates)
  • Meditations and activations bring you deeper into this expansive loving energy. Dispels fear and illusion, teaching you to hold your center, and stand in your power and self mastery. Your healing power increases.
  • You now now can teach :   New Paradigm MDT   Master Healer  classes,  and  New Paradigm MDT Master Healer TEACHER classes!                                                      –
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13 Dimensional Healing

  • Four 8 hr. days ( or total of 32 hrs) (most often on 2 consecutive weekends)
  • Certificate class
  • Meditations/activations to heal you on 13 dimensions
  • Learn to channel!
  • A truly awesome class! (must have previous energy work experience)
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Student Feedback

I have taken Shamballa Master Healer Basic, Shamballa Master Healer Teachers and Shamballa 13-D with Peggy. Once I had one class, I couldn’t get enough! I was already a reiki practitioner, but this really opened up my abilities. The healing energies flow so much faster and easier after Shamballa. These classes have changed my life! I have more patience with myself and others. I find it easier to remain calm and peaceful with lifes frustrations. Things that used to really set me off are now much more manageable. Shamballa really opened up my heart and mind.I highly recommend these classes!!!
Joni Marks, Farmingdale, Maine – March, 2012

The courses were so wonderful. Shamballa Multi-dimensional Healing, Basic Healer and then Shamballa Master Teacher classes have been the best, most empowering courses I have taken to date. Shamballa has changed my life. The instructor (Peggy Woodcock) created an atmosphere for experiencing the various facets of the course that could not have been improved upon. Shamballa allows me to vibrate at a higher frequency and consciousness, really feeling the reality of oneness. When asked what I would like to see added or changed about these courses, I said simply more, more, more!!
-Marcia, Windham, Maine

After 40 years of traditional therapy and a lot of body work, I finally found Shamballa Multi-dimensional Healing… I think it found me. Shamballa has opened me up to many new beginnings, and made me aware of new energies I did not know existed. Shamballa is not complicated, it is just love and light. Peggy’s teaching truly reflects the essence of Shamballa, her love and light aids students to connect to their own Shamballa energies.
-Gwen, Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Master Teacher Stephanie Hewitt

I frequently co-teach these classes with Stephanie Hewitt Stephanie began her energy work by apprenticing with an intuitive healer,  Jane Fecteau ( )learning bone alignment, and soft tissue and organ healing. Stephanie is a Reiki Master Teacher, a New Paradigm MDT Master Teacher and a Crystal Practitioner, and is a Raindrop Therapy Practitioner.  Stephanie also specializes in ceremonies, energy clearings and blessings for her clients’ homes. Contact Peggy about class prerequisites or check the schedule of upcoming classes and events.

Recommended Reading

Mahatma I and II -Brian Grattan

Complete Guide to Ascension Manual -Joshua David Stone

Masters and Their Retreats -Mark L. Prophet

Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing -Phyllis M. Brooks

The Violet Flame-Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Saint Germain- Elizabeth Clare Prophet


All books are available at Amazon and Borders, or call your local bookstore.