Shamanic Practice

shamanic2 A shaman is someone who travels into non-ordinary reality and brings back information and answers to assist others in knowledge and healing. I began my shamanic studies by being led on a shamanic journey to the “Lower World” and there finding my power animal (the elephant), who has been my guide and companion ever since. Elephant was especially helpful and instrumental in guiding me when I first began my Reiki practice. Elephant reminded me to go on a “steady path” – “one foot in front of the other,” and told me that I was “very powerful”, – and capable of doing what I set my mind to do. This gave me an invaluable boost of energy confidence. I apprenticed for 18 months with Llyn Roberts, a highly acclaimed shamanic teacher, author of The Good Remembering, and co-author of Shamanic Reiki. I was certified in “Advanced Shamanic Shapeshifting” by John Perkins. Perkins is the author of 5 shamanic books including Shapeshifting and The World Is As You Dream It. He also wrote the New York Times best seller Economic Hitman, which exposed much of the economic conduct of the US in 3rd world countries- from the 1960s to today. I continued to assist John Perkins and Llyn Roberts in “Advanced Shamanic Shapeshifting” programs at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, N.Y. for several years.  I have held special events – Shamanic Journeys to Lower World & to Upper World- several times a year and  continue to do so on request.  I worked with clients individually for shamanic healing, and soul retreival. I am available to perform Shamanic ritual at schools and public gatherings, e.g.: Welcoming in the Seasons, New Moon, Full Moon, Blessing new homes, new babies, even new pets. I also perform house clearings to change the energy after a difficult event e.g.: a divorce or death, or when the energy just feels stagnant.

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Recommended Reading

-Ted Andrews

The Way of the Shaman
-Michael Harner

The World Is As You Dream it
-John Perkins

The Good Remembering
-Llyn Roberts

All books are available at Amazon, or call your local bookstore.